Description and Work in Progress

Let the Magic in

Watercolour and Ink

42cm x 30cm

Some final detail to go..

Seeing the world with children's eyes is a wonderful skill.

Everytime I see my two little girls running to the door, they open it with such excitement. They know what is behind, but still it feels like they expected something miraculous to come. We can learn from kids to keep this joyful and positive anticipation towards life and recognising all its wonders.


Watercolour and Ink

42cm x 30cm

Illustration of twins and their baby brother. The detail around symbolizes the playful, pure minds and dreams of children to flourish and grow...

Play time

Pencil drawing

30cm x 21cm

Pencil drawing plus instructional sketch

6am in the morning, staying for a visit at my sister's house. Eyes are still closed, but I sense a gaze...
so I open my eyes seeing this beautiful face staring at me, waiting for someone to wake up and play. How can you resist this lovely young lady with her big shining eyes...she gets me every time...

Play with me
Instructional drawing