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Bringing Back Childhood Memories: Our First Home Décor Mural in Bentley

At JayMT & Silva, every project holds a special place in our hearts, but our first mural together in Bentley, Melbourne, remains one of the most memorable. This private commission marked the beginning of our journey as a team, and the experience was as rewarding as it was challenging.

The Project: An Apple Orchard Mural

The client, an elderly couple living in the house he grew up in, wanted to relive fond childhood memories through art. He remembered the apple trees in the back of his house and wanted us to recreate an apple orchard on a wall leading to the back patio. This nostalgic request was particularly touching, as it allowed us to create a piece that held deep personal significance for him and his family.

The Concept: A Walk Down Memory Lane

After discussing the client’s vision, we decided to design a mural that would depict a lush apple orchard, reminiscent of the trees he loved as a child. The mural aimed to evoke the tranquility and beauty of those childhood days, bringing a piece of the past into his present home. The design featured detailed apple trees with ripe, red apples, set against a serene backdrop of greenery.

The Execution: Our First Collaborative Effort

The mural took about four days to complete. As our first project together, it was a learning experience that tested our skills and teamwork. We meticulously painted the apple trees, ensuring each detail was perfect. The rough texture of the wall added to the complexity, but it also gave the mural a unique, textured finish that enhanced its realism.

The Experience: A Rewarding Journey

Working on this mural was a delightful experience. The collaboration between us, JayMT & Silva, strengthened our partnership and set the foundation for future projects. The client was actively involved throughout the process, sharing stories from his childhood and providing feedback. His satisfaction with the final result was incredibly fulfilling for us. Seeing his joy as he admired the mural was the highlight of the project.

The Outcome: A Nostalgic Masterpiece

The completed mural perfectly captured the essence of an apple orchard, bringing the client’s cherished memories to life. The lush apple trees and vibrant apples created a stunning visual that transformed the wall into a nostalgic masterpiece. The client’s happiness and emotional connection to the mural made this project truly special.


Our first mural project in Bentley not only marked the beginning of JayMT & Silva but also showcased our ability to create personalized and meaningful art. This experience reaffirmed our commitment to transforming spaces with our murals, bringing joy and beauty to our clients’ homes.

If you have a special memory or vision that you’d like to bring to life through art, contact JayMT & Silva today. Let us help you create a unique and captivating mural that resonates with your personal story.

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