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Money Melt limited print


Original piece year: 2017

Medium(original): Acrylic Painting


Print Run: 20 in A4, 20 in A3, 20 in A2 

This painting is a reminder to evaluate the meaning and purpose of money.

So often money is treated in such a reversed way, mistakenly regarded as the thing we want "the goal", instead of the medium which helps us to reach our actual goals and needs. And how often does it happen that greed for money kills all sense of humanity within in an instant; it becomes the motive for so much destruction in our precious world and people's lives... In the end, the purpose of money is nothing more than a neutral exchange commodity, a universal server, a tool to support the ways in which our "modern" societies operate. In whichever form it comes -paper, coins or chip cards we put a value on- outside of society it has NO use. In a soulless desert of ice, how would you use it there?? We exchange money IN society for a place to live, for food, for nice should feed our love and joy and happiness for life and warm our hearts. So it is good to be wary of not becoming a slave of the tool we created. And we should always remember to put it in the right perspective:

money might give you power, but it can't buy you love, it might buy you a house, but not a home, it might give you access to all health support, but cannot buy a healthy mind.


Characteristics of the print:

Paper Bauhaus Museum-grade 310gsm True Rag Smooth, 100% cotton, fully archival, smooth finish, heavyweight. Manufactured in Germany at the same mill as Hahnemuhle.


Limited to editions 20 each(A4, A3, A2), each unframed print edition is numbered and hand signed. All prints are made upon demand. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery of your limited edition print order.


The prints are delicate. It is carefully and professionally packaged and sealed in a protective industrial tube for safe shipping. Once received, the tube should only be opened by your chosen professional framer for immediate framing.


Money Melt

PriceFrom €90.00
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