Whatever it is you are looking for "you will find the answer inside" is the message of this painting. There is a joyful, playful sense of calmness in this painting, alongside many characters. So why monkeys? - Because they symbolize wisdom with a sense of humour towards life. And why tigers? - With their majestic appearance, they stand for dignity and strength. There are so much noise and distraction in the world around us. So every now and then it is good to return to ourselves inside and focus on what's important in life: Love, care, joy, health...And to create something we want in our lives we need to sense and visualize the little intangible ghost-like ideas around us to eventually turn them into reality. There are different levels of maturity, wisdom, naivety and innocence in the different characters. Some of the baby-characters have their eyes open with curiosity, as they don't know yet, however they watch and imitate and learn...


Professionally Printed on 300gsm german paper.

Size available : A3,  A5

Artist: JayMT

Prints of 40

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Serenity - Print

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