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Jay MT & Silva are a dynamic street artist duo currently based in Europe, with a special focus on Spain and Germany. Since early 2020, they have been creating stunning artworks together, bringing their unique styles and experiences to each project.


Jay MT


Jay MT has worked and studied for around thirteen years in various countries, including Germany, the UK, Japan, and Australia. Her expertise spans illustration, painting, animation film, and large-scale murals. Jay’s artistic journey began early, winning several awards as a child and teenager. She started her career at 18 as an illustrator for one of Germany’s leading book publishers, which eventually led her to the world of animation. Specializing in 2D hand-drawn animation, she honed her skills in Tokyo and Bristol, two of the most prolific places for this genre.


In 2014, Jay’s creative passion took her to Australia, where she gained extensive experience in painting murals and large-scale paintings. Her artwork retains a magical, storytelling character that captivates viewers. Now, based in Europe, she continues to bring her artistic vision to life in Spain and Germany.




Silva has been a passionate painter and marketer for a long time, initially in Chile and then dedicating himself professionally as a mural artist in Australia. His style is characterized by its rough, urban feel, featuring strong colors, graffiti, characters, and surreal creatures. Alongside his urban painting style, Silva has explored 3D-effect painting and digital creation of concept designs and digital artwork, known as NFTs. 


3D effect artwork

jaymt & silva bw2fixed.jpg

Together, Jay MT & Silva offer a wide range of artistic services, including:


• Street Art and Murals: Transforming urban spaces with vibrant, large-scale artworks.

• Corporate Art: Enhancing corporate environments with custom art installations.

• Home Decor: Creating personalized murals for private residences.

• Digital Art: Producing innovative digital artwork and NFTs.


By integrating their diverse backgrounds and skills, Jay MT & Silva bring a unique blend of storytelling, animation, and urban art to every project they undertake. Their work not only beautifies spaces but also adds a layer of meaning and engagement, making them sought-after artists in the European art scene.

Old barn_after.jpg
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