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Collection: Coloured Feathers

Coloured feathers is the latest canvas collection from Jay MT in collaboration with Silv4 including a number of artwork related to beautiful and vibrant birds in natural environments while outstanding from their abstract backgrounds, this relationship is the same that many birds have with cities, rapidly adapting to an environment that sometimes is challenging but that they must do, showing how resilient and brave they are. Let celebrate their colours, their wings, their freedom... their coloured feathers.


Blue Moon



By Jay MT & Silv4

King Feather
Price from $49
Blue Moon
Price from $49
Peaceful Feathers
Price from $49

Are you a canvas collector?

How to fix dented canvases

June 2021

Have you ever wondered how to fix a canvas that has a dent on it, this problem is quite normal, especially when moving canvases around or when moving houses(believe me it has happen more time that I can count).

The solution is quite simple and you will only need...

Pink Feathers
Price from $49



Coloured Feathers

Collection: Nature

Nature is a Jay Mt canvas collection themed as the name explains about Nature, especially cacti and flowers which have been always an important part of Jay's life since living for a while in the rural areas of Victoria in a Cactus park.

Their layback nature and peaceful appearance and colours make them a perfect fit for most rooms.


Puya Raimondi



By Jay MT 


Make your home unique

Aren't you bored of old and lifeless walls? If your answer is yes, have you considered a Mural? In Jay MT & Silva we specialise in private murals all around Australia. 

We can bring to life your wildest ideas!  Just Go crazy. ☺️

Dear signed back.jpg

Dual Relaties


Dual realities is a collection of artwork representing different realities and outcomes of the same scenario, alter dimensions and a different spin in everyday's life situations.

Dear signed Page.jpg
Blooming Horns
Price from $49

All prints and artwork securely shipped*

All the prints and original artwork sent in a professional manner and with all the measures to ensure a pristine condition upon arrival, this thanks to using of mailing tubes or sturdy protective packaging, bubble wraps and hard boxes.

We offer free ship worldwide for all prints and free shipping for canvases within Australia(fees apply for other countries, please ask directly)

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