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A 3D Motorbike Barn: A Unique Home Decor Project in Southwest Melbourne

At JayMT & Silva, we thrive on challenges that push our creative boundaries. Our home decor project in southwest Melbourne was a perfect example of this. The client, an avid motorbike enthusiast, had a clear vision for his new BMW motorbike’s dedicated garage. Inspired by the nostalgia of the 70s and the latest technology, he wanted a 3D mural that would turn his garage into a visually stunning tribute to his passion.

The Client’s Vision: A 3D Tribute to Motorbike Heritage

The client had just acquired a new BMW motorbike, a modern recreation of a classic 70s model, equipped with advanced technology and a powerful engine. To honor this significant purchase, he decided to build a special garage and commissioned us to create a 3D mural that would complement the bike.

The idea was to paint the left side and the back wall of the garage with a 3D scene depicting an old countryside warehouse, reminiscent of the Australian outback. The mural would feature the classic motorbike model, creating an illusion that the new bike was parked next to its vintage counterpart. This setting would evoke the client’s fond memories of his youth spent in rural Australia.

The Design: Creating a 3D Countryside Warehouse

We began by designing a rustic, old-school countryside warehouse with an open door, providing a glimpse of the central Australian landscape. The mural would feature the classic motorbike prominently, blending seamlessly into the 3D environment.

The Painting Process: A Challenging 3D Undertaking

The project was more complex than we initially anticipated. While we estimated it would take around five days, the intricate nature of 3D painting extended the timeline to nine days. The challenges of creating a realistic 3D effect required meticulous attention to detail and innovative techniques to ensure the perspective and depth were perfect.

Despite the difficulties, the process was incredibly rewarding. We worked diligently to bring the client’s vision to life, ensuring every element of the mural contributed to the overall 3D effect. The result was a stunningly realistic scene that transformed the garage into a captivating space.

The Outcome: A Mind-Blowing 3D Mural

The final mural exceeded both our and the client’s expectations. The detailed depiction of the old motorbike, set against the rustic countryside warehouse, created a breathtaking 3D effect. When the new BMW motorbike was parked in the garage, the illusion was complete, making it look as if it was part of a timeless scene.

The client was thrilled with the result, appreciating the blend of nostalgia and modernity that the mural represented. This project not only highlighted our ability to tackle challenging designs but also showcased the transformative power of 3D art.


Our 3D motorbike garage project in southwest Melbourne was a unique and fulfilling experience. It allowed us to explore new artistic techniques and deliver a piece that resonated deeply with the client’s personal history and passion.

At JayMT & Silva, we are committed to turning your visions into reality, no matter how complex or unique. If you have a home decor project in mind, contact us today. Let us help you create a space that is as extraordinary and personal as your dreams.

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