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How Murals help prevent tagging

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

It is known by many home and business owners how nasty is to get your exterior walls getting tag by graffiti, specially when your property gets targeted many times... something that happens often in cities like Melbourne.

Areas which are highly tagged with graffiti are usually not the most welcoming places. Often they are associated with gangs, drugs and violence. So what can we do to make the area we live more pleasant and safe?

Large companies such as the energy provider Netze BW have found that mural artwork is an effective tool to keep their facilities such as transformer stations clean. Transformer stations, subways, bridges, train stations, industrial buildings or simply plain walls of company owned buildings often attract vandalism. However when companies commissioned artists to do mural artwork they reported that tagging goes down significantly, in most cases down to zero. The companies not only save maintenance costs for their facilities in long-term, but also benefit in their reputation. Moreover the mural artwork represents valuable contribution to townships and enhance life quality. One example of many is shown above and the responses of the public were amazing. The painting is located next to a train station and community members said they used to be embarrassed having this rough site as entrance to their town for commuters and visitors. But now with the colourful artwork the ambience changed completely and people cherish it dearly. #happy #muralist #muralart #melbourneart Even during the painting process it was clearly recognizable that the cigarette buds and rubbish on the ground in front of the mural got less day by day.

Murals are the perfect solution for most problems related with tagging and not only that but making the wall brighten and welcoming to people passing by and potential customers.

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Interesting, but sadly my wall is mainly bare-bricks so a mural won't look so good I guess...

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