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Bringing Faith to Life: Our Mural Project at St. Mark’s Church in Fawkner

At JayMT & Silva, we are dedicated to creating art that resonates with the community and enhances public spaces. One of our most memorable projects was a mix of live painting and community engagement at St. Mark’s Church in Faulkner, located in the northern area of Melbourne. This project involved painting a massive mural on the back of the church, measuring 10 meters high by 6 meters wide.

The Concept: A Celebration of Faith

The concept for the mural was ambitious and deeply rooted in the church’s spiritual heritage. The design centered around an image of Mary on top of Australia, surrounded by angels and saints specific to St. Mark’s Church. Each church often has its own set of patron saints and martyrs, creating a unique spiritual identity. This mural aimed to reflect that identity, featuring many detailed faces and intricate elements that honored the church’s patrons and also joins them with the local Australian community.

The Challenge: Detail and Scale

The sheer size and complexity of the mural made it a demanding project. The rough surface of the wall added to the challenge, affecting the finish and requiring meticulous attention to detail. The design included numerous faces and fine details, making it one of the most intricate murals we have ever undertaken.

The painting process, which primarily used acrylic paint with some spray paint for specific effects, took nearly a month to complete. The level of detail required was mesmerizing, far exceeding the complexity of most large-scale murals, which typically feature larger, simpler characters and designs.

The Community: A Welcoming Experience

Throughout the project, the community of St. Mark’s Church was incredibly supportive and welcoming. Father Collins, the church representative who commissioned the mural, envisioned a more vibrant and friendly space for the parishioners. The transformation of the once flat, unremarkable wall into a vibrant mural brought joy and pride to the community.

The community’s positive reception and enthusiasm were heartwarming. Parishioners and local residents frequently visited to check on the mural’s progress, expressing their appreciation and excitement. This interaction made the project even more rewarding, as it became clear that our work was making a significant impact.

The Completion: A Celebratory Finale

Upon completion, the mural was met with overwhelming approval from both the church and the community. The detailed depiction of Mary, angels, and saints brought the wall to life, creating a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere for all who visited St. Mark’s Church.

To celebrate the completion of the mural, the church hosted a special event. The community gathered to admire the finished artwork, and we were honored with heartfelt thanks and appreciation from Father Collins and the parishioners. It was a truly moving experience that highlighted the power of art to bring people together and enhance communal spaces.


The mural at St. Mark’s Church in Fawkner stands as a testament to our commitment to community-focused art. This project was not only a technical challenge but also an opportunity to connect with a vibrant community and contribute to their spiritual and social environment.

At JayMT & Silva, we are proud of the positive impact our art can have on communities. If you have a public art project in mind, whether for a church, community center, or any other space, contact us today. Let us help you bring your vision to life with our unique and captivating murals.

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