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Bringing Nature to Life: A Mural Project in Brighton, Melbourne

At JayMT & Silva, we love transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary works of art. Our recent project in the Brighton area of Melbourne allowed us to do just that, turning a plain storage room into a vibrant mural that seamlessly blends with the lush greenery of the client’s home.

The Project: Enhancing a Back Patio Storage Room

The clients had a small storage room in their back patio, which they felt was an eyesore due to its plain white color. Surrounded by abundant greenery, flowers, and trees, they wanted the storage room to harmonize with the natural beauty of their garden. They approached us to create a mural that would integrate this structure into the overall design of their outdoor space.

The Concept: A Natural Wonderland

After discussing the clients’ vision, we proposed a mural depicting a serene mountain forest covered with flowers and featuring a beautiful lorikeet in flight. The lorikeet was a special touch, as the clients mentioned they often saw these colorful birds visiting their garden. This design aimed to reflect the natural elements surrounding the storage room and bring an additional layer of beauty to their patio.

The Execution: Six Days of Artistic Creation

The painting process took six days on site. We used a combination of vibrant colors to capture the essence of a forest in bloom, with detailed flowers and foliage. The focal point of the mural was the lorikeet, painted in striking hues to stand out against the green backdrop. The mural transformed the plain white storage room into a dynamic and engaging piece of art that complemented the surrounding greenery.

A Fun Fact: A Stormy Twist

Interestingly, just a few days after we completed the mural, a massive storm hit Melbourne. A large tree in the middle of the patio broke due to the high winds and fell. Fortunately, it didn’t harm the main house or the newly painted storage room, leaving both structures unscathed. This fortunate outcome was a relief to the clients and added an unexpected twist to the story of the mural.

The Outcome: A Harmonious Addition

The clients were thrilled with the result. The mural not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the storage room but also created a cohesive look that blended seamlessly with their garden. The colorful lorikeet and the lush forest scene brought a sense of harmony and joy to their outdoor space.


This mural project in Brighton was a delightful experience for us at JayMT & Silva. It allowed us to bring our artistic vision to life and create a piece that resonated deeply with the clients and their environment. The successful outcome and the clients’ happiness reaffirm our commitment to transforming spaces with art.

If you have a space that could benefit from a unique and captivating mural, contact JayMT & Silva today. Let us help you bring your vision to life and enhance your home with our creative touch.

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