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Bringing Wonderland to Life: Our Mural Project at The Mock Turtle Cafe in Melbourne

At JayMT & Silva, we are passionate about transforming spaces with our art, and our project at The Mock Turtle Cafe in Melbourne was a delightful adventure into the whimsical world of “Alice in Wonderland.” When the cafe’s owner approached us with a request to create a mural inspired by the beloved story, we knew we had an exciting challenge ahead.

The Concept: A Collage of Wonderland

The Mock Turtle Cafe, with its decor already inspired by “Alice in Wonderland,” provided the perfect canvas for us to bring the enchanting tale to life. The client envisioned a mural that would capture the magic and eccentricity of Lewis Carroll’s classic. Collaborating closely, we brainstormed various ideas and finally decided on creating a vibrant collage of characters from the book. This approach allowed us to showcase the diverse and fantastical inhabitants of Wonderland in a cohesive yet dynamic composition.

The Design: Featuring the Mock Turtle

One of the highlights of our design was the inclusion of the Mock Turtle, the cafe’s namesake and the owner’s favorite character. Positioned prominently in the mural, the Mock Turtle adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia. To further enrich the mural, we included a small scripture from the book, adding literary depth and connecting the visual elements to Carroll’s enchanting words.

In addition to the main collage, we created two upper-level designs that provided a sense of continuity and flow. These designs featured more elements from “Alice in Wonderland,” ensuring that every corner of the mural captured the essence of the story.

The Painting Process: Four Days of Creativity and Camaraderie

The painting process spanned four days, during which we were warmly welcomed by the cafe staff and patrons. Their enthusiasm and support made the experience incredibly rewarding. Each day, we meticulously worked on bringing the characters and scenes to life, ensuring that every detail reflected the charm and quirkiness of Wonderland.

From the Cheshire Cat’s mischievous grin to Alice's beautiful presence, each character was carefully crafted to stay true to their literary counterparts. The vibrant colors and intricate details created a mural that was not only visually stunning but also deeply evocative of the magical world that has captivated readers for generations.

A Wonderful Collaboration

Working on this project was a true pleasure. The support and kindness we received from the people at The Mock Turtle Cafe made the entire process enjoyable and inspiring. Their positive feedback and appreciation for our work fueled our creativity and dedication.


At JayMT & Silva, we strive to create art that not only beautifies spaces but also tells a story and evokes emotions. Our mural at The Mock Turtle Cafe is a testament to this mission. By combining our artistic skills and passion for storytelling, we were able to transform the cafe into a vibrant homage to “Alice in Wonderland.”

If you’re ever in Melbourne, we highly recommend visiting The Mock Turtle Cafe to see our mural and experience the whimsical atmosphere inspired by one of the most beloved stories of all time. And if you have a space that could use a touch of magic, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Whether it’s a cafe, office, or home, JMT & Silva are here to bring your vision to life with our unique artistic flair.

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