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Cooking Up Art: Our Mural Project at Korr Jee Chicken Restaurant in Acland Street

At JayMT & Silva, we relish the opportunity to bring our artistic vision to various spaces, and our project at Korr Jee Chicken, an Asian-style chicken restaurant in Melbourne, was a delightful culinary adventure. When Korr Jee's owner approached us with his unique concept, we knew we were in for a creative treat.

The Concept: Chicken Chefs in Action

Korr Jee’s request was clear: they wanted a mural that showcased their commitment to freshness and quality ingredients. Their design featured a couple of chicken chefs, illustrated in a lively, cartoonish style, busily chopping fresh ingredients and cooking delectable dishes. This playful yet meaningful concept perfectly encapsulated the restaurant’s brand and culinary philosophy.

The Design: Bringing Chicken Chefs to Life

The design provided by Korr Jee was already charming and detailed. Our task was to translate this design onto a large-scale mural, infusing it with our signature style while staying true to the original concept. The idea was to create an engaging and vibrant scene that would captivate diners and convey the restaurant’s dedication to quality.

The Painting Process: Three Days of Creative Execution

Over the course of three days, we meticulously painted the mural, bringing the chicken chefs to life on the walls of CoreG. The process was smooth and enjoyable, thanks to the clear vision provided by the restaurant. Each stroke of our brushes added personality and depth to the chickens, making them appear as if they were truly immersed in their culinary tasks.

As we worked, we could see the design evolving and coming to life on a larger scale. The playful nature of the chicken chefs chopping vegetables and cooking over sizzling pots added a dynamic and entertaining element to the restaurant’s interior. The vibrant colors and detailed illustrations enhanced the welcoming and lively atmosphere of Korr Jee Chicken.

A Successful Collaboration

Working with Korr Jee was a delightful experience. Their enthusiasm for the project and their clear artistic direction made our job easier and more enjoyable. The end result was a mural that not only met but exceeded expectations. It transformed the restaurant’s interior into a whimsical and engaging space that reflects Korr Jee’s commitment to quality and freshness.


At JMT & Silva, our goal is to create art that not only beautifies spaces but also tells a story and resonates with the audience. Our mural at Korr Jee Chicken Restaurant is a testament to this mission. By blending their creative vision with our artistic expertise, we were able to create a mural that enhances the dining experience and showcases the restaurant’s core values.

If you’re in the St. Kilda area of Melbourne, be sure to visit Korr Jee at Acland st. to see our mural and enjoy their delicious dishes made with the freshest ingredients. And if you have a space that could benefit from a touch of artistic flair, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. JayMT & Silva are here to bring your vision to life with our unique and captivating murals.

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