• Jay MT

Happy Panda Mural

This beautiful and colourful Mural was commissioned by a lovely client in Melbourne's Northwest outskirt; the idea was simple: meditation, a hippy music CD, cannabis leaf and nature; the creation of the concept not as easy 😅.

The canvas was an old wooden fence that was 8 x 2 mt, the problem with it was that it was a bit rundown and it will interrupt the artwork quite a lot; the suggestion, place a flat surface on top of it; the result, just Amazing.

This was the original fence:

Then after the board was placed on top this is how it looked:

Here is another after drawing the doodle grid that helps us to get the sizes according to the design

After 2 days we got the first layer more or less done.

An right after 4 days of painting using acrylic and spray paint we got to the final look of this colourful Mural:

We left the site feeling really good about the Mural, the colours and shapes end up being amazing and the client was definitely super happy with the result.

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