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Transforming a Container into a Bali Hut: Our Mural Project for Pondok Nasi Bakar

At JayMT & Silva, we thrive on projects that allow us to blend cultural heritage with artistic expression. Our recent project for Pondok Nasi Bakar, an Indonesian restaurant located in the Grazeland food court on the outskirts of Port Melbourne, was an exciting opportunity to do just that. Pondok Nasi Bakar specializes in Indonesian cuisine, particularly grilled rice dishes, and operates out of a converted container. When the client approached us, they wanted to showcase the origin of their food through an artistic design that would remind them of home.

The Concept: Bringing Bali to Melbourne

The client expressed a desire to recreate the feel of a traditional Bali Hut, commonly seen in Indonesia. These bamboo huts are a staple of Indonesian food culture, often found on the beautiful beaches of Bali. Inspired by this idea, we set out to transform the container into a vibrant representation of a Bali Hut, complete with a beach scenery.

The Design: A Beachside Bali Hut

We designed the mural to make the container look like an authentic bamboo hut situated on a beach. The artwork featured a large hut in the center, flanked by a towering palm tree and surrounded by a serene beach setting. To create a seamless and immersive experience, we cleverly aligned the container’s large serving window with the window of the painted hut, making it look like a real window from the hut. This design choice enhanced the visual appeal and authenticity of the mural.

The Painting Process: Spray Paint and Acrylic Magic

Given the metallic surface of the container, we primarily used spray paint for its adherence and vibrant finish, complemented by some acrylic paint for detailed touches. The combination of spray paint and acrylic allowed us to achieve the desired texture and depth, bringing the beachside Bali Hut to life. Over the course of a few days, we meticulously painted the mural, ensuring every detail was perfect.

The Result: A Taste of Indonesia

The finished mural was a hit with both the client and the customers. The vibrant beach scene and the realistic bamboo hut transported visitors to a Bali beachside, enhancing their dining experience at Pondok Nasi Bakar. The clever integration of the container’s window into the mural added a unique touch, making the food truck not just a place to eat, but an immersive experience.

More to Come: Our Work at Graceland

This project at Pondok Nasi Bakar was one of three exciting projects we completed at the Graceland food court. Stay tuned for more blog posts detailing our other murals in this vibrant new food destination.


Our mural for Pondok Nasi Bakar at Grazeland is a testament to our ability to blend cultural elements with artistic creativity. We are thrilled with the positive feedback and proud to have created a piece that resonates with the client’s heritage and delights their customers.

At JayMT & Silva, we are passionate about transforming spaces with art. If you have a project in mind, whether it’s a food truck, restaurant, or any other space, contact us today. Let us bring your vision to life with our unique and captivating murals.

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