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Transforming a Home with Custom Murals: A Home Decor Project in East Melbourne

At JayMT & Silva, we take pride in transforming spaces with our custom-made artwork. Our project in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne allowed us to showcase our versatility and creativity across multiple areas of a single home. The client, who was finishing the renovation of their new home, wanted unique murals that would enhance the decor and create a lasting impression on visitors.

The Project Overview

The client had a clear vision for their home and provided us with four distinct mural requests:

1. A Bar Salon Mural

2. A Hallway Entrance Mural

3. An Outdoor Fence Mural

4. A Son’s Bedroom Mural

The Bar Salon Mural: A Pub-Inspired Artwork

The first mural was to be located in a bar salon, which the client planned to decorate like a traditional pub with liquor shelves and a bar. After several discussions and iterations, we decided on a beautiful portrait that would make the bar salon a centerpiece of the home. To ensure cohesiveness, we integrated the patterns from the floor carpet into the mural, creating a seamless and stylish look.

The Hallway Entrance Mural: A Marble Flower

The second mural was designed for the hallway entrance, the first wall visible upon entering the house. The goal was to create an awe-inspiring piece that would captivate visitors. We chose a stunning, large marble flower with soft transitions and a minimalist color palette. The result was a visually pleasing and elegant mural that added a touch of sophistication to the entrance.

The Outdoor Fence Mural: Street Art Vibes

For the outdoor fence, the client wanted a street art feel to counteract the plain concrete look. We decided on a vibrant street art mural that mimicked the work of a graffiti artist. This design added a burst of color and energy to the exterior, transforming the fence into a lively and engaging feature.

The Son’s Bedroom Mural: Beyblades Adventure

The fourth mural was for the son’s bedroom. After discussing his interests with the family, we settled on a Beyblades-themed design, as he was a big fan. The mural captured the excitement and dynamic action of Beyblades, making his bedroom a fun and personalized space.

The Process: Bringing the Vision to Life

The entire project took approximately 10 days from start to finish. Our team worked diligently to bring each mural to life, ensuring every detail met the client’s expectations. The collaboration with the clients was smooth and productive, involving several rounds of feedback and adjustments to perfect the designs.

The Outcome: A Happy Home

Initially, the clients planned for only two murals, but they were so impressed with the results that they decided to commission all four. The final murals exceeded their expectations, creating the desired ambiance and making their home truly unique. The client’s satisfaction and the positive impact on their home’s decor made this project a rewarding experience for us.


This home decor project in East Melbourne stands as a testament to our ability to tailor our artistic skills to meet diverse needs and create stunning visual experiences. At JayMT & Silva, we are dedicated to transforming homes and public spaces with our custom murals. If you have a project in mind, whether it’s a single mural or a series of artworks, contact us today. Let us help you bring your vision to life with our unique and captivating murals.

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