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Capturing Innovation: Our Live Painting Project at Mobile World Congress 2024

At JayMT & Silva, we thrive on opportunities that challenge our creativity and push the boundaries of our art. One such project was our live painting session for Radisys at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona. Commissioned by Radisys, an American company specializing in communication and technological advancements in telecommunications and computer integration, this project was a unique blend of art and innovation.

The Concept: Communication Without Words

Radisys was set to participate in the Mobile World Congress, one of the largest cell phone fairs globally. They wanted a live painting that would reflect their core values and mission over the four days of the event. Working closely with Radisys, we developed a design that featured two human faces facing each other, communicating without speaking. This concept was designed to symbolize the modern ways of communication—how we remain connected without physical presence, thanks to advancements in cell phone networks, computers, and the internet.

The Live Painting Experience

Creating this live painting was both an exciting and challenging experience. The large canvas was set up within the Radisys booth at the fair in Barcelona, attracting a steady stream of attendees curious about the evolving artwork. The bustling environment of the Mobile World Congress presented its own set of challenges, with the constant flow of people making it occasionally tricky to focus on the painting. However, the supportive team at Radisys made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Their assistance and enthusiasm were invaluable, allowing us to navigate the busy setting effectively.

Bringing the Design to Life

Over the course of four days, we meticulously brought the concept to life. The painting showcased two faces in vibrant, abstract detail, capturing the essence of silent communication and interconnectedness. Each stroke was carefully placed to convey the seamless integration of technology and human connection, embodying Radisys’ vision and expertise.

The Result: A Lasting Impression

Upon completion, the live painting was met with admiration from both Radisys and the attendees of the Mobile World Congress. The final artwork not only captured the spirit of the event but also served as a visual representation of Radisys’ commitment to innovation and connectivity. The completed mural was taken to Radisys’ main offices in the United States, where it now serves as a centerpiece, symbolizing the company’s values and the successful collaboration at the Mobile World Congress.


The live painting session at the Mobile World Congress 2024 was a remarkable experience for JayMT & Silva. It demonstrated how art can intersect with technology to create a compelling narrative. We are incredibly proud of the outcome and grateful for the opportunity to work with Radisys. Their positive feedback and the lasting impact of the mural reinforce our belief in the power of art to communicate complex ideas and foster connections.

If you are looking to create an engaging and impactful artwork for your next event or corporate setting in Europe, JayMT & Silva are here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate and make your event memorable with our unique artistic touch.

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