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From private commissioned Murals to inspired Canvases, Jay MT & Silva are able to cater to a wide range of artwork services.

Do you have a wall that needs a fresh look?

Transforming Your Space Across Spain and Germany:

A Journey Toward Personalized Artistry. At the heart of our mission lies the transformation of your spaces into personalized sanctuaries. Whether you're in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, or anywhere in Europe, our goal is to enhance your comfort, reflect your unique identity, and cultivate an environment that fosters relaxation or sparks innovation.

Boundless Creativity for Unique Environments:

With limitless creative possibilities, we bring your walls to life, turning your dreams into visible, breathtaking artistry. Our expertise in mural design influences mood, boosts productivity, and ignites creativity, making every painted scene a source of daily inspiration.

Optimized Living Through Art:

No matter the canvas—be it indoor walls or expansive outdoor murals—share your visions with us. Inspired by the rich cultures of Spain and Germany, we're ready to collaborate on bringing your specific designs to life or helping discover new inspirations.


Start Your Artistic Journey Today:

Interested in transforming your space with a mural that captivates and inspires? Contact us today to begin the transformation of your environment into a masterpiece of mural art that reflects your personal story and enhances your everyday spaces.

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Lionel Appelboom...


Jay and Carlos painted a beautiful mural for us on an exterior wall of our home. We collaborated on the design and Jay was very responsive to our feedback as it was important to her that we were completely happy with the plan. They were extremely professional and reliable and it was a pleasure to have them at our home for the week it took to complete the project...

Benefits of Murals:
  • Discourage Tagging and bad graffiti

  • Enhance the wall's appearance

  • Brighten up the location

  • Helps with brand awareness(commercial)

  • Save money from constant repainting

  • Improves community engagement

Girls room
Yarrawonga nature
AIG - Southern cross
Food container
The swan
Old barn_after
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Nora & Louisa e
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Past Artworks

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