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Murals and Artwork at Cactus Country in 
Victoria / Australia

In the heart of the Australian country side the tourist destination Cactus Country is located. With a South American style café and more than 10 acres landscaped cactus garden it is  not only featuring plants from 7 continents but also unique and hand crafted artwork and custom designed murals by their former in house artist Jay MT.

Melbourne /

Prahran Market

Mural painted with acrylic paint
lenght 24 meters 
height 4.5 meters

Hand painted mural decorating the walls at Prahran Market / Melbourne. The artwork is  showcasing the diversity of the fresh and local market produce. Prahran Market offers an interview with the artist and more detailed information to the background of the mural .

LB 04.jpg

Stuttgart Region
Scenic Mural Art vs Graffiti

Artwork featuring regional scenery in Stuttgart Region/ Germany.  The images display a strong connection to the local surrounding and nature to represent and build connection with the community, mitigate vandalism and create a safer and more sustainable environnment. The projects and paintings were commissioned by the energy provider Netze BW.

Bietigheimer Zeitung blurred.jpg

Newspaper articles about the mural in a residental area in Bönnigheim next to an apple orchard.

Walheim 02.jpg

Walheim/Stuttgart Region
Scenic Mural Art vs Graffiti

Mural artwork next to the train station and railway line in Walheim/Germany commissioned by the electricity provider Netze BW.

LB 03 copy.jpg

LKZ Newspaper Article-

Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung 


Newspaper Article-

Mitteilungsblatt Gemeinde Walheim


Newspaper Article-

Mitteilungsblatt Gemeinde Walheim (left)

Newspaper Article-

Nachrichtenblatt Bönnigheim (right)

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