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Public Art

At JayMT & Silva, we are passionate about transforming public spaces with our art. Our public art services are designed to engage communities, beautify urban environments, and create memorable experiences. Whether it’s through outdoor murals, live paintings, or innovative installations, our work brings creativity and vibrancy to public spaces.

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Public art

Bring art closer to everyone


Community Engagement and Pride

Public art encourages community participation and fosters a sense of pride among residents. By reflecting local culture and history, our murals and installations help build a strong community identity and inspire collective ownership of public spaces.


Cultural Preservation and Education

Our public art projects often incorporate elements of local heritage, educating residents and visitors about the area’s history and cultural significance. This preservation of culture through art enhances community knowledge and appreciation.


 Economic and Social Impact

Investing in public art can stimulate economic growth by attracting tourists and boosting local businesses. Well-designed public spaces can increase foot traffic and improve the social dynamics of an area, making it more vibrant and welcoming.


Beautification and Crime Reduction

Beautifully crafted murals and street art can transform neglected areas into attractive, lively spaces. Studies show that well-maintained public art can reduce vandalism and crime, as communities take greater pride in their surroundings.

Services for Public art

1. Outdoor Murals

• Large-scale murals designed to beautify urban spaces, often commissioned by councils, governments, or community groups to enhance public areas and reflect local culture.

2. Street Art

• Creative and vibrant street art that adds character to public spaces, transforming them into visually engaging environments and promoting community pride.

3. Public Installations

• Interactive and static art installations that invite public interaction and engagement, often placed in parks, plazas, and other communal areas to enrich the public experience.

4. Live Painting Events

• Dynamic live painting sessions for public events, festivals, and community gatherings, providing entertainment and creating unique, on-the-spot artwork that resonates with attendees.


Public art projects

Here, you’ll find a showcase of our diverse and vibrant public art projects. From large-scale outdoor murals that brighten urban landscapes to interactive installations that engage and inspire communities, our work transforms public spaces into creative, welcoming environments. Explore our gallery to see how JayMT & Silva bring art to life in the heart of the community.

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