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We create Artwork for:

Your home
Improve Your Personal Haven

  • Adds unique personal touch

  • Tells personal story

  • Boosts mood and well-being

Your business
Boost Your Branding

Cafe Wall After.jpg
  • Enhances recognition

  • Communicates values to public

  • Attracts attention and client engagement

  • Improves employee morale

Your community
Activate Public Spaces

021 Netze BW 02.jpg
  • Expresses cultural heritage

  • Reduces crime

  • Attracts tourism, businesses & builds community

Before and after painting in mural new.j


JayMT & Silva are a dynamic artist duo with extensive backgrounds in both Australia and Germany. Now based in Barcelona, we offer our artistic services, including murals and canvas art, throughout Europe. We are currently alternating between Germany and Spain and are available for projects across the continent.

Our experience includes participation in prestigious events such as the Milan Design Week 2023 and the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024, where we collaborated with prominent companies to create unique art concepts for their exhibitions. With a deep understanding of the art scene and a passion for transforming spaces, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life with creativity and professionalism.

For private houses, the main idea is to make it yours, to give a hint to whoever walks in about who you are, making a personalized wall match with your furniture, garden or theme can create a warm feeling and amazing memories not only for the children but for everyone.

For commercial establishments the appeal is greater, a well-designed exterior wall can attract passing-by potential customers, serve as a giant marketing tool or just make you stand out from your competition. A small painted wall in the interior area like the lobby, on the other hand, can create a welcoming atmosphere that can pre-dispose your clients to recognize your brand.

Create a unique experience in your home or business.

Transform a wall into a living part of your decoration concept.

Give us a wall, a few ideas of what you want to express and we'll create an art concept fit to your needs.

latest murals


Acrylic and spray paint

Birds in the lake

AIG - Southern cross 2-min.jpg

Acrylic and markers

Melbourne's attractions

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