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Landscape with Animals

A big wall


Big art!

There is art for every taste and every wall, even the large ones. Usually, people look for paintings no more than 1x1 metres size, but if you have a large wall o high ceiling you can afford to have something bigger like a PANEL or a custom-made mural.

Check the panels available for sale and if you have an enquire let me know here.


Whatever it is you are looking for "you will find the answer inside" is the message of this painting. There is a joyful, playful sense of calmness in this painting, alongside many characters. So why monkeys? - Because they symbolize wisdom with a sense of humour towards life. And why tigers? - With their majestic appearance, they stand for dignity and strength. There are so much noise and distraction in the world around us. So every now and then it is good to return to ourselves inside and focus on what's important in life: Love, care, joy, health...

Size:  2.4 x 1.22 mt

Material: MDF 10mm board with acrylic paint
Year: 2017



Money Melt

The painting depicts the meaning of intangible values such as care and love above neutral material exchange goods. In society money often is mistakenly seen as a goal, yet we should remember to put it in the right perspective; that when basic needs are met, it only supports us in the things which actually bring happiness, as joy and love come from the inside.

Size: 1.27 x 1.17 mt

Material: MDF 6mm and acrylic paint

Year: 2017


Illuminated cactus

A magical scene of small little spirits curiously looking at natures creations. The landscape is based on a real scenery in Victoria's countryside at the giant cactus garden.

Size: 1.2 x 2.4 mt

Material: Ply-wood 10mm and acrylic paint

Year: 2016

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